Ward Security Retains Prestigious Contracts

When property management specialist MJ Mapp was looking to tender the security provision for a large chunk of its portfolio, Ward Security was on the shortlist. Not only had the Rochester-based bespoke security provider already been supplying security services to part of MJ Mapp’s existing portfolio, but the way it operates and the high level of customer service mirrored many of the values that MJ Mapp holds highly – continuity of service, reliability and employee satisfaction.

Ward Security provides a comprehensive range of services to MJ Mapp, from manned guarding and dog patrols, through to key holding, void unit inspections and, most recently, out of hours service desk provision.

“What is important to us when we deal with our contractors is that we don’t treat them as such,” says Liz Buys, Senior Associate Director at MJ Mapp. “It is vital that we work at a partnership level with our approved contractors to ensure a continuity of service as well as being able to support each other’s business requirements to continue providing our occupiers and owners with a reliability.”

As a small to medium-sized business, MJ Mapp prefers to work with like-minded businesses. “If you deal with a company that is too large, you don’t tend to get the right level of personal communication,” says Liz. “I know that if I pick up the phone, I can speak with David or Kevin Ward, and I know that I will get my answer, and that, if they don’t have it, or there’s an issue, they will resolve it quickly for me. That’s the kind of company we like to work with: we’re able to deal with people who can make a difference.”

Ward Security has also beaten off tough competition to win a ten-year contract to handle security for all of the London Borough of Bromley’s parks and open spaces.

The company, together with its dog patrol division, is charged with providing a visible presence, deterrence and point of information for the public – as well as dealing with some of the more anti-social elements that occur in parks.

Although Ward Security was doing an excellent job providing the service for the past 5 years, being a public sector contract, Bromley authorities recently put the contract out to tender. “We had to tender for best value and value for money for the charge payer,” explains Patrick Phillips, Assistant Director of the Parks and Greenspace Division within the borough’s Environmental Services Department.

“We went to the market last year and invited a number of companies in following public advertisements. Overall, in terms of value for money and efficiency, Ward Security was still the best.”