The Global Security Summit set to host ‘Best in Class’ Manned Guarding Companies

Remember the time and place! On the 10th and 11th October 2012 at London Olympia’s new state-of-the-art exhibition hall, the Global Security Summit will play host to the best contract manned guarding companies in the country. It is many years since the contract manned guarding industry has gone back in force to the Exhibition Halls of London, but this is different, very different.

The Global Security Summit has only gone for the very best. In order to take part a contract guarding company must have joined The SIA’s Approved Contractor Scheme (ACS) and currently be in the top 15% of the ACS Benchmarking and Achievement Levels, with a minimum annual inspection score of at least +94. This would mean that there are 110 ACS companies out of a total of 730 that would be eligible to take part. The section of the Exhibition which has been allocated to contract manned guarding has been called “The Pacesetters Pavilion”.

So why is this Summit so different? We give you six reasons why.

1. The Pavilion will consist of a total of up to only 20 stands and will be allocated on a first come first served basis. Each stand will be 9 m2 in size and in the centre will be a Conference Area, incorporating a full 2 day programme of presentations, devoted entirely to manned guarding issues. There will also be a free hospitality area for the exclusive use of the Pavilion Exhibitors, their guests and the significant number of senior client decision makers, who will be receiving a personal invitation from the organisers. 2. The only size of stand in The Pavilion will be 9 m2. The cost of the stand will include build, electrics and furniture, graphics and branding, so it does not matter whether you are G4S, Securitas, Ward Security or Guardsmark, the only size of stand available will be 9 m2. Have you ever had an experience where all you have to do is to turn up and man the stand during the opening period? Well, that is exactly what you have here! 3. The theme of the Summit is the integration of manpower and systems, so we would encourage your systems integrator to join you on the stand and indeed share the cost with you. As there is a Facilities Management Show at Olympia at exactly the same time, you may also wish your stand to reflect the composite services you are able to offer the high profile clients who will be attending. 4. The programme for the 2 day Conference will be issued this month, but in general the morning sessions will be devoted to both general and larger company issues, whilst the afternoon sessions will focus on medium/small contract company areas of concern and look to offer solutions on how to solve them. Guest speakers will include a number of end-users who currently use contract manned guarding services on their sites. 5. The bespoke hospitality area, which will be open throughout the summit, will afford you as an Exhibitor a real opportunity to entertain your own guests and to mingle with those who have been specifically invited by the organiser. Individuals from contract manned guarding companies, who are not exhibiting within the Pavilion, will not be allowed access to the hospitality area. 6. The total cost of the 9 m2 stand is only £4950 + VAT – a genuine discount on the standard price – so whatever the size of your company we believe this is a realistic amount to afford within any annual marketing budget. You will be rubbing shoulders with other companies, both national and local, who are also “Best in Class”, and receiving very considerable publicity for doing so. We ourselves will be producing a bespoke Supplement, which will be totally free. It will devote a page to each Exhibitor and ultimately should act as a “bible” to end-users who want to draw up their own tender list of top quality manned guarding companies and are unsure how to go about it.

There are reputed to be approximately 2000 manned guarding companies operating with the contract manned guarding industry and 730 of those have voluntarily signed up to the ACS. The top 15% of the ACS only are eligible to join The Pavilion and up to 20 of you have signed up to take part. The clients who have been invited to the Summit and other end-users who come by chance will be made aware that they really are meeting just the “Best in Class”.

If you are eligible and wish to take up one of the remaining slots you should contact Lynda Moore of FM Contract Watch without delay by e-mail [email protected] or by telephone on 01844 260350.