The Global Security Summit 10/11 October 2012 at London Olympia

The Global Security Summit London will be held in the brand new West Hall, Olympia, London on the 10th and 11th October 2012. This is, arguably, the first major Security Exhibition to occur in the Capital since the departure of IFSEC to the NEC Birmingham many years ago. Over the years there have been a number of attempts to put together a “Manned Guarding Village”, even at IFSEC, but without any success. Quite simply those Exhibitors taking part felt that visitors who came to the Exhibition did so more to meet up with old friends and have a day out than from any real desire to place new business with one of the manned guarding exhibitors. In truth they were probably right!

So why should this be any different? Why, as a manned guarding contractor should you get involved? A basic difference is that if you are not one of the best contract companies in the manned security guarding industry, then you will not actually be eligible to take part in “The Manned Guarding Pacesetters Pavilion”. If you are then it would, at least, make sense to read on.


1. In order to apply for a Stand you must be in the top 15% of the SIA’s Approved Contractor Scheme(ACS) Annual Benchmarking and Achievement Levels (a minimum score of +86). It is not a requirement to be either a “Star Performer”, as listed by Infologue, or a member of our own ACS Pacesetters, but you must have attained at least that minimum score on your last ACS assessment. 2. The Pavilion will consist of only 20 Stands, each of 9 m2 in size. In the centre will be a Conference Area, which will host a full 2 day programme devoted entirely to manned guarding issues. There will also be a free hospitality area for the exclusive use of the 20 exhibitors and the significant number of client decision makers, who will be receiving a personal invitation from the organisers. 3. As stated, the only size of Stand in The Pavilion will be 9 m2. The cost of the Stand will include build, electrics and furniture, graphics and branding to suit your requirements. In other words you have to do nothing other than turn up and man the Stand! It does not matter whether you are G4S, Securitas, Ward Security or Danhouse Security, that is the only size of Stand which will be available. 4. The theme of the Summit is the integration of manpower and technology, so you may wish your systems integrator to join you on the Stand and even invite them to share in the cost. 5. The programme for the 2 day Manned Guarding Conference will be issued at the beginning of June 2012, but the morning sessions will be devoted to both general and large company issues, whilst the afternoon sessions will focus on medium/small company problems and, hopefully, offer solutions on how to solve them. 6. The free Hospitality Area will be run throughout the open hours of the Summit and afford you, as an Exhibitor, an opportunity to mingle with end-user guests who have been specifically invited to the Summit. Individuals from contract manned guarding companies, who are not exhibiting within The Pavilion, will not be allowed access to the Hospitality Area. 7. The total cost of a 9 m2 Stand will be £4950 +VAT. 8. Necessarily the Stands will be sold on a first come, first served basis, so in order to secure one of the 20 available slots you will need to e-mail [email protected] to obtain a booking form. You will be allocated your stand within 30 days of your booking at which time a deposit of £950 plus VAT will be payable. 9. In the build-up to the Summit, Exhibitors who sign up to The Pacesetters Pavilion will receive considerable free press through,, Risk UK magazine and website, Risk UK Showcase, PSI Magazine and website, Benchmark magazine and website and also the bi-monthly 16 page FM Contract Watch Supplement.

So let me tell you why I think this “Village” is different and why you should give serious consideration to joining it. First of all is the modest cost of a fully equipped Stand – and that you are not going to have to spend days beforehand either knocking up shelves or carrying in tables! Secondly you are all of equal status in your size of Stand, whatever the actual your size of company, and the fact that you are exhibiting because you have achieved a rating in the top 15% of The ACS Benchmarking and Achievement Levels in your last appraisal. This alone makes you eligible to exhibit within the Pavilion. Thirdly you will have special access to senior contract manned guarding decision makers, who have been specifically invited to the Summit by the organisers. Fourthly you will enjoy considerable free publicity through the various media agencies mentioned above, which will highlight that only the best are taking part. Finally, is this not really a unique opportunity to show both the industry and the commercial world in general that you have a genuine right to be classed as one of the very best companies in the Industry?

Quite simply can you really afford to wait to join the Pavilion whilst your competitors make their move ?