The ACS Pacesetters Awards Luncheon

We are delighted to report that we have already had an excellent take-up of members confirming attendance at The ACS Pacesetters Achievement Awards Luncheon in the Royal Suite, Royal Windsor Racecourse on Wednesday 4th June 2014.

Each member company will be presented with a personalised engraved award in the name of their company and that this will be given to the senior representative of your company by one of the main sponsors at the ceremony.

We also want to remind our members to invite any of their clients to put forward the names of security officers who have given exceptional service to them over the years and, as such, are deserving of public recognition. A total of 8 of these officers, together with their sponsoring client, will be invited to the event, as our guests, and will be presented with their awards by Bill Butler, Chief Executive of the Security Industry Authority. The sponsors will determine the 8 best submissions and it is important to us, as organisers, that the successful submissions eventually come from every size of membership classification of The Pacesetters.

Finally we want to reiterate one of the main aims of this luncheon is to draw together The Pacesetters and approximately 40 selected end-users, who, hopefully, will consider using The Pacesetters when they next have reason to go out to tender. Our intention is to invite clients who do not currently use Pacesetter companies and who, hopefully, will welcome the opportunity to learn more about The Pacesetter movement.