Forward thinking CIS Security introduces a successful Partnership for Safer Communities via their unique Security Network Forum.

Meetings are held every six weeks in Central London to discuss:  Local Issues  Share Information  Incident Trends and Hot Spots  UK Threat Level  Events – Protests, Strikes, Disruption  Prevention Communication Strategies  Business Continuity – Being Prepared  Community Involvement The Forum is attended by key community personnel from various sectors such as:  Local Police  Security Specialists  Education  Museum  Healthcare  Corporate  Media  Public Sector

The Security Network Forum is not restricted to CIS client contacts; there is an open invite for local Security Managers from neighbouring businesses in the area to become members of the SNF. Local Police are hugely supportive of the forum and attend each meeting without fail in order to communicate news and intelligence updates to members. CIS pride themselves on being an ‘open’ organisation who welcomes collaboration and community cohesion. The forum has grown rapidly within the last few months with member numbers increasing at each event. Feedback confirms that the members are finding true value in sharing security intelligence to reduce crime and therefore really making a contribution to community safety. As a result of the Security Network Forum, CIS in partnership with the London Universities Purchasing Consortium hosted The Security Network Seminar on 28th October 2010 at the SOAS Brunei Gallery; with renowned speakers from the BSIA Olympic Project Team, Design for Crime, and the Metropolitan Police representative heading up the Community Safety Accreditation Scheme, issues previously raised by the Forum were addressed. The event was a huge success and further Seminars are planned throughout the forthcoming year. If you are interested in joining the Security Network Forum or attending a CIS Security seminar in the future, please contact Amanda McCloskey, Business Relationship Manager: [email protected] – 07852 984 625. Please visit for further information about CIS Security Ltd and a comprehensive overview of their services.