Security Awareness in the Workplace

The Silver Fox Audit was originally introduced, over 15 years ago, to carry out penetration audits to test security guarding teams, however, over the years this has evolved to take into account the threats and circumstances that both Security teams and all levels of employees face in the workplace.

FM Contract Watch offers a wide range of security based audits which can test Security Officers, Receptionists and your own staff as to their awareness of unauthorised visitors, suspicious circumstances and events taking place.

Following the recent terrorist attacks and with the Threat Level in the UK at ‘Severe’, many organisations area also taking the opportunity to engage the Silver Fox Audit Team as an aid to their training programmes to ensure that all staff, and not just the security team, remain alert, report any suspicious activity and feel confident in challenging unknown individuals on the premises.

We are contracted to carry out a regular series of audits for wide ranging clients which include the financial sector, legal profession, managing agents, communications industry, construction sites, business parks, shopping centres, manufacturing and warehousing, to name but a few.  In addition, we work with a number of security guarding companies, who offer our services to their clients to show that they are prepared to be independently tested and share the results.

The Silver Fox Audit can be tailored to the client’s precise requirements and no two audits are ever the same.  The tests are not designed to catch anyone out, or to seek to apportion blame, but are all part of an effort to further improve site security, increase awareness, reduce complacency and to learn where there may be vulnerable areas.

It is very satisfying for us have found a loophole in the site security during an audit and find that during a subsequent visit to the premises, new procedures have been introduced to prevent us gaining access via that route.

The Silver Fox Audit is a very cost-effective method of adding an additional layer to the security of commercial premises.  It may be that everything is found to be in excellent order and no recommendations are made, however, without independently testing it you may never know the answer to that question.

Upon completion of the audit, the client is provided with a verbal debrief, followed by a full written report on our findings.

Reward is also an important factor of the Silver Fox Audit Scheme and we offer an award scheme to both the security officers on duty and companies engaging with the scheme, this includes lapel badges, individual glass awards and an annual framed certificate.