Prost8 UK- our chosen charity for 2023.

We have chosen Prost8 UK as our charity to support at the 2023 ACS Pacesetters Security Officer of Distinction Awards lunch taking place on 24th May.

Prost8 UK is a small, new charity working hard to stop overtreatment of men with low to intermediate grade prostate cancer by championing ground breaking, minimally invasive NHS focal treatments, such a high intensity focal ultrasound (HIFU) and cryotherapy. Of the 500,000 plus new prostate cancer cases that will be diagnosed in the next ten years alone up to a third could be suited to these revolutionary minimally invasive treatment options.  

However, with just the three hospitals in the UK offering it (all in or around London) this means many thousands of men each and every year will face a post-code lottery and will not even be offered this lifestyle sparing option.

Therefore, the charity is raising funds to buy and donate treatment suites into strategic NHS hospitals, or better still to pressure the health services to do their job and roll out this treatment option now. 

If any of our members would like to donate a prize for our raffle to raise funds for Prost8 UK, please contact us for further information.