New Personality Assessment to help recruitment in the Security Industry

Personality assessments have come a long way since Carl Jung first expanded on his theory to show how Introverts and Extraverts used their energy differently, and how people with Thinking or Feeling preferences used these “rational” functions to make decisions from very different perspectives. Numerous systems fit individuals into a variety of types and offer insights into behavioural strengths and weaknesses.

FM Contract Watch is working in partnership with i-comment 360, who have been producing personality profiles for some of the world’s leading companies for over 10 years, and have carried out extensive research into the security industry and those employed in it.

Personality Profiles have, historically, usually been used for Management and Senior roles within an organisation, mainly due to the cost of the report. However, we have taken a fresh approach to this and can produce an affordable report for the entire business, not just the leaders.

The Persona questionnaire measures aspects of personality and is widely used as an aid for recruitment, as well as a development tool in team building, promotions and management training. One of the many benefits is that the results are consistent; some individuals are much better at face to face interviews than others and some interviewers interpret answers differently.

The aim is to take the participant on a journey starting with self- understanding. A questionnaire is completed on-line and the resulting report holds a mirror up to the participant to say ‘This is you’.

The second step is the realisation that not all of your colleagues are the same, they see the world differently and use different processes in their working life and when making decisions.

The third step is to apply this knowledge to your work and everyday life.

Persona uses colours to describe behaviour. There is no doubt that consideration of colour energy can help individuals find a career that suits their personality and help employers find candidates whose personality is suited to that career. Having said that, the careers we choose are not totally defined by our personality.

Red: Represents Extraverted Thinking; bold determined, direct and confident.

Yellow: Represents Extraverted Feeling; optimistic, generous, free-spirited and trusting.

Green: Represents Introverted Feeling; caring considerate, supportive and loyal.

Blue: Represents Introverted Thinking: logical, analytical, structured and disciplined.

There are no good or bad personalities and people will have elements of all four colours within their individual personality.

The Security Officer

When we researched the ‘typical’ new recruit in the security industry, the words chosen to describe the role are more in the Green (38%), Blue (25%) and Red (23%) area with less in the yellow (14%).

We appreciate that roles do vary greatly and most companies mentioned the process, structure and sense of duty. Some roles, though not all, required more judgement and decision making.

Personality profiling is a useful tool, especially in an industry which has a high turnover of staff and applicants may see it as a short term career move.

Our research has shown that the sense of duty and ability to understand others, that are common in people with high Green energy, are useful traits in the security industry. These traits also seem to be common among the people who spend longer in the industry and consider it to be a long term career.

At higher levels within these organisations, Red energy is also clear. This is the opposite, in personality terms, from Green and shows that a variety of personality types are required to make a successful organisation.

Yellow is the only area where the security industry shows a lower than average incidence, although this is not unexpected given the nature of the industry and the nature of the Yellow personality.

There are no right or wrong personalities that may make a good Security Officer; however, it is understanding how they would deal with situations that are not playing to their strengths that is the key.

To enable you to provide a fresh approach to your security recruitment, FM Contract Watch are able to offer the one page Personality Profile report at £9.50 plus VAT or a full detailed report for just £17.50 plus VAT

For further information and to arrange a free sample on-line report please contact Lynda Moore on 01844 260350 or e-mail [email protected]