Members of ACS Pacesetters – The leading security companies in the UK

On the 1st September 2010 the ACS Pacesetters was launched and at that time, four years after the introduction of the Security Industry Authority Approved Contractor Scheme (SIA ACS), there were approximately 650 accredited security companies. The maximum ACS score that could be achieved was +151 and any company with a score of +74 put them in the top 15%.

Up until then, many companies promoted their SIA ACS status, but no-one knew which company had achieved a good score during their annual inspection. We believed that the ACS score should be a fundamental part of the decision making when employing a contract security company and the introduction of the Pacesetters made it easy for end – users to select their new contractor by promoting each member in their operating region.

Now some 6 years later, there are over 800 companies with ACS accreditation and the maximum score achievable is now +174.

The ACS Pacesetters are currently required to achieve a score of +128 to put them in the top 15% of all Approved Contractors – an increase of +54 points in 6 years, despite the maximum score only increasing by 23 points. This shows that year on year the ACS companies are improving their standards and operating practices when assessed against the workbook by their UKAS accredited bodies.

Back in 2011 we published an article ‘The ACS Pacesetters – a Differentiator for Years to Come’ and reading that article now, it has all come true. The ACS Pacesetters is a recognised benchmark in the industry and regularly appears on tender documents as the minimum criteria to be included in the selection process.

Our Members range from small privately owned organisations with approximately 40 staff to the national multi-million turnover companies. This proves that whatever size your company is you can provide an excellent standard of service that puts you ahead of many of your competitors.

Our membership does change from time to time which is mainly due to a takeover of the business or unfortunately the organisation failing to continue to meet the required criteria, but many of our members have been with us since day one which speaks for itself and prospective members make +128 their target to achieve during their ACS assessments.