Latest breakdown of ACS scores

During the Approved Contractor Scheme forum which took place earlier this month, the new SIA ACS scoring chart was issued which was effective from 31 March 2017.

The Approved Contractor Scheme requires continual improvement to maintain the current score each year and the overall contractor scores can be viewed at

The previous published contractor scores were 2 years ago on 31 March 2015 and since then the scoring has changed as follows:

Top 5% increase of 9 points to +159.

Top 10% increase of 9 points to +147

Top 15% (The ACS Pacesetters) increase of 8 points to +136

Top 25% increase of 6 points to +113

With over 800 SIA ACS approved companies and, believed to be, approximately 2,200 companies operating without ACS approval, the members of The ACS Pacesetters should be proud of their achievement of being in the top 15% of all security guarding companies.