IPSA supports Bill Butler’s statement on Industry Regulation

The International Professional Security Association voiced its complete support for Bill Butler and the SIA today following his statement concerning the new regulatory regime for the security industry.

An IPSA spokesman said: “IPSA has lead from the front on this, being the first industry body to engage with every single MP in support of the SIA, and subsequently working with our colleagues in the industry as part of the Security Alliance. We are pleased to see Bill Butler being able to announce a framework today which sits well with all we in the industry have lobbied for”.

Although “The details of the plan have yet to be decided …..”, and Parliamentary approval will still be required, IPSA is confident that the principles upon which the plan will be based are known and agreed between government and the industry. This will allow for future discussions to take place in a productive and consensual way.

“In an industry whose first dealings with the regulator were not auspicious”, said the IPSA spokesman, “we have been able to demonstrate how there is now a mutual respect and trust between us and our regulator, that some other industries can only wish they had too”.