If you have a score of +86, why wait, join the Pacesetters now.

It is now only a year until The 2012 London Olympics will be well and truly underway and we see the membership of The ACS Pacesetters playing a significant role as end-users strengthen up their manned security requirements to meet the potential security threat that the Games could well attract.

It is perhaps significant therefore that three market leaders in the Industry are amongst those that have this month joined The Pacesetters, namely, Axis Security Services, Oltec Group and Wilson James.

If you qualify to join The ACS Pacesetters—with a minimum score of +86 in your last annual ACS Inspection—we really would encourage you to join this growing group. There could be a total of approximately only 100 ACS companies eligible from the 720+ current members, so The Pacesetters are an elite group amongst many others offering the same service. Since extra cover is likely to be required throughout the UK, it matters not whether you are a market leader or a quality SME in the local area, the end-user base wants to learn more about you. Do not end up by regretting that you missed the opportunity to publicise your company when it really mattered.