FM Contract Watch – Consultancy Division

The Consultancy Division of FM Contract Watch now offers the following additional services:

Assistance with the Tendering Process

The whole process of going out to tender and, perhaps, ultimately appointing a new security contractor can often be both a harrowing and time consuming business. FM Contract Watch is able to manage the whole process for you, from helping to choose the most suitable contractors to tender for your business; arranging the on-site briefing of potential contractors; assessing the tenderers’ past performance with other clients in your area of operation: writing the detailed security specification for the contract; collecting and summarising the responses from the competing tenderers; organising the presentations from those contractors selected for the shortlist; and, finally, if required, overseeing the changeover of contractor.

Carrying out a Site Survey

It may be some considerable time since you last had a risk assessment carried out on your premises. We are able to provide you with experienced and qualified professionals, who will carry out a thorough survey and provide you with any recommendations they feel might be necessary for upgrading the current level of your security cover.

Reshaping your Security Cover

For many years the Industry has preached the value of using the advantages of more sophisticated technology to help reduce the costs of on-site manpower. We believe that every contract should be regularly re-assessed to see where improvements can be made and overall costs reduced. We do not believe that a situation will ever be reached whereby the need for on-site security staff will be deemed totally redundant, but we do believe that every contract is capable of being fine tuned to the ultimate benefit of both the Client and the Contractor. We also offer this service to review in house security teams. The FM Contract Watch consultants have many years of experience in this area and are always available to come and discuss your requirements with you.

Value for Money Service

Our experience in the contract security arena has meant that we have the ability to examine your contract in detail and determine whether or not you, as a client, are getting value for money. It is perhaps the only industry which lays out in detail the complete breakdown of the hourly charge-out rate. This is really both a strength and a weakness: a strength in that the contractor is seen to be transparent in the areas where the most emphasis, and hence cost, will be placed; a weakness in that if the detail in the contract is not being adhered to, then the contractor is likely to be quickly exposed.

To arrange a meeting to discuss your requirements, please contact Lynda Moore on 01844 260350 or e-mail [email protected]