ACS Pacesetters

Promoting excellence in security guarding

The Approved Contractor Scheme (ACS) Pacesetters membership is made up of Contract Security Guarding Companies who are in the top 15% benchmarking and achievement levels set by the Security Industry Authority Approved Contractor Scheme.

How do companies become members of ACS Pacesetters?

To achieve accreditation companies must reach a score of zero and currently the maximum score is +145 points. All members of ACS Pacesetters will have gained a minimum score of +105 during their recent annual inspection by one of the appointed UKAS inspection bodies.

There are currently approximately 780 Contract Security Guarding Companies who have achieved ACS accreditation, therefore, it is very difficult for the buyers of security services to differentiate between them. The ACS Pacesetters places emphasis on the importance of the annual score, making the tender process for end-users very much simpler.

In restricting membership of the ACS Pacesetter to the top 15% of SIA approved security companies, a total of approximately 120 companies are eligible to join. These companies, both national and regional, have proved they are market leaders in the security guarding industry and are therefore capable of providing an excellent standard of service to their clients and a high degree of care for their employees. As a client, it makes sense to include companies in the top 15% of the ACS scoring system when compiling your tender list.

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