City Group Security Announcement

City Group Security merge into one operating business from 4 individual brands and have strengthened the leadership team to become a market leader for security services across the UK providing our customers with a bespoke and personal service that is tailored to optimise security requirements.

Simon Giles City Group CEO said,

“Today is a hugely exciting and auspicious occasion, as this is day 1 of being City Group Security”.

“Whilst I am immensely proud of the business we have become, and the energy and passion I am seeing in the business I also wanted to thank everyone for all their hard work in having made this happen. Every single person has lent in and worked tirelessly on this. But if anything, the work has just started, as this move to one business is the first step of many as we grow. Key to growing is going to be our focus on culture and people – more on which to come soon – as by building a great culture and focussing on being a true people business we will deliver fantastic operational performance and as a result we will attract new customers.

Our clients very much believe and support the merger of our brands as they hate complexity and love our simplicity approach to business. As a result we will grow deeper partnerships with our customers. We are committed to delivering outstanding service whilst demonstrating a strong understanding of customer needs through Equality, Equity, Diversity and Inclusion, Corporate Social Responsibility and Social Value in the community. We have a fantastic team now in place across the business and I can’t wait to see where we are in 6 months’ time.”