Capita Plc acquire The Security Watchdog for an undisclosed sum

In a move that may well have taken the Support Services Sector of the market with some surprise, Capita Plc have acquired the issued share capital of The Security Watchdog for an undisclosed sum. Over the last 12 months in particular, The Screening Bureau Division has grown dramatically, such that it is now at the very forefront of the rapidly developing Background Screening Industry; perhaps more than that, it has also established an outstanding reputation for the quality of its service.

The Watchdog’s security recruitment arm, Momentum, is included in the acquisition, but the Audit Division, which covers both the ACS Pacesetters and The Silver Fox On-Site Audit Scheme, stays outside and is not part of the deal.

The outgoing Chairman, Terry O’Neil, commented that “This acquisition has all the makings of the perfect marriage. Capita Plc is a world class company, which is continually developing a wide range of high quality support services to the market, and I believe The Security Watchdog will fit very nicely into the Group’s overall offering. I do not have the slightest doubt that the acquisition will prove a resounding success for Capita and, needless to say, it has my very best wishes for the future”.

The Audit Division of The Security Watchdog which was not included in the sale of the company to Capita Plc and has since regrouped will be known in future as ‘FM Contract Watch’. The new organisation will be run by Terry O’Neil and Lynda Moore.