Approved Contractor scores show continual improvement

Members of the SIA’s Approved Contractor Scheme are continuing to raise the bar, results published today have shown.

Figures for the past year have shown that there has been an average improvement of 11 points across all approved contractors.

Every year all approved contractors, except for those on certain Passport schemes, must assess their performance against 89 individual indicators of achievement. At assessment, an independent assessor verifies these scores.

Andrew Shephard, assistant director of the Approved Contractor Scheme said:

“We now demand more from approved contractors and some examples of how we have raised the bar include:

• A requirement to record and verify all income streams • A requirement to consider more factors when arranging insurance • A requirement to ensure all work permits and visa conditions are complied with • A requirement to maintain appropriate contact with the police

“Approved contractors are able to demonstrate to potential clients of security services that they are meeting the necessary requirements and that standards are increasing.”

The full 2011-2012 results can be found on the SIA’s website: