ACS Pacesetters minimum score rises to +128

The Security Industry Authority has just published the results of the Approved Contractor Scheme scores achieved up to 31st March 2015 which has resulted in the minimum score required to join The ACS Pacesetters increasing to +128 – the top 15%. At present there are 790 companies with ACS accreditation currently trading.

The basis of the Approved Contractor Scheme is continual improvement and companies applying to the scheme now must do more than the companies who applied when the scheme was launched – and companies applying in the future will need to do more again.

The maximum score achievable at the present time is 174 and the following shows a guide to the scores required to achieve the top 25%.

Top 5% of ACS companies – score of 150+
Top 10% of ACS companies – score of 138+
Top 15% of ACS companies – score of 128+
Top 25% of ACS companies – score of 107+

Each year every approved contractor assesses its performance against 89 individual indicators of achievement. At assessment these scores are verified by an independent UKAS approved assessment body.

If your company has a score of 128+ it makes sense to apply to join the Pacesetters and enjoy the extensive marketing programme and benefits of membership.