A real differentiator in the Security World

The Silver Fox Audit – A genuine test for contract and in house security staff

The Silver Fox Audit independently tests individuals and teams employed in the security guarding industry working on site on behalf of their clients.

The security industry has historically suffered by employing staff on terms and conditions based on low wages, long hours and very few benefits. Such a recipe is bound to deliver, sooner or later, an inconsistent performance on site and the situation is often exacerbated by rarely, if ever, testing the operation.

The Silver Fox audit has been designed to independently test the alertness and efficiency of a security operation without prior warning at any time of the day or night. As a client or as a senior member of the contract security company you need to know just how efficient your operation is when you are not there. Is it really as good as you are being told?

The Silver Fox Audit consists of 3 distinct and separate phases:

1. The Attempt at Unauthorised Entry. The auditor selects a point of entry and then tries to gain access by methods such as producing false ID documents, or tailgating an existing member of staff, or using disguises to pass off as a Contractor. This phase is completed as soon as the auditor is either prevented from entering or a breach is achieved.

2. The Team Check. The auditor then checks the SIA licences, will also comment on the standard of turnout of each member of the team and the impression they create to an outsider.

3. The Operational Review. The auditor then makes a check on items selected at random from a menu of operational on-site disciplines.

4. Report on Findings. The report is submitted within 48 hours of the audit.

The audit is deemed a Pass or a Fail on the result in Phase 1 (The Attempt at Unauthorised Entry) but the information in Phases 2 and 3 can give you a valuable insight into the overall contract and how it is really working.

Reward is at the heart of the Silver Fox Audit programme and each successful Security Officer receives a Silver Fox lapel badge to show that they have been successful when faced with an auditor attempting to gain unauthorised access.

It has been proven that a series of Silver Fox Audits have the effect of keeping each member of the security team especially alert at all times when they are actually on duty.

The Silver Fox Audit is a very cost effective service and to obtain a quotation for a series of audits, or just a one off to test an individual site, please contact us on 01844 260350 or e-mail [email protected] Further information is available on our website www.silverfox.org.uk